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Food and Natural Products

FOOD AND NATURAL PRODUCTS is a cross disciplinary research group that gets orientation from demands of economy and society.

Therefore, a holistic view on the agro-food chain and implemented technical concepts will be combined with a focus on three areas of specific expertise: food microbiology and food safety of total food chain; bioactive compounds and health; processing of food and natural products.




Processing of food and natural products

  • Engineering of mechanical and thermal processes
  • Soft matter physics
  • Design studies of new equipment in collaboration with mechanical engineers
  • Impact of ingredient functionality and process on food properties
  • Product development in order to meet specific

Food microbiology and safety of total food chain

  • Validation of installations, operations, cleaning procedures along the food chain
  • Validation schemes and procedures of control measures
  • Hygienic design concepts
  • Impacts from the environment including primary production

Bioactive compounds and health

  • Physico-chemical and biological analysis of bioactive compounds
  • Isolation and characterisation of individual bioactives
  • Tracing bioactive compounds during processing
  • Intestinal absorption and metabolism of bioactive compounds (bioactivity testing)



Wilfried Andlauer, Ph.D.
Food Chemistry

Michael Beyrer, Ph.D.
Food Process Engineering, Food Physics

Wolfram Brück, Ph.D.
Food Microbiology

Lydie Moreau, Ph.D.
Food Product Development, Food Ingredients

Laurence Nicolay, Ph.D.
Food Process Engineering, Product Development

Bruno Schnyder, Ph.D.
Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Immunology