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Analytical Chemistry & Biochemistry Platform

The Analytics Platform is an ISO 17025 certified services and research centre that draws together a broad range of expertise in the development and validation of analytical methods.

Its main purpose is to support its researchers in their internal and external research projects. It fulfils this purpose by providing not only high-performance instrumental resources, but also assistance in interpreting the results of analyses obtained using pharmaceutical or biological matrices to academic and private institutions.

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Bioengineering Platform

The Bioengineering platform is focused on all aspects of typical bioprocess engineering, namely the reproducible cultivation of bacteria, fungi and animal cells in special bioreactors but also the monitoring of their growth using state of the art technology.

On behalf of companies, we deal with all aspects of bioprocess development: medium improvement, optimization of fermentation processes, tech transfer or bioprocess scale-up from shake-flask/T-flask to pilot scale.

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Cell Culture Platform

Our Cell culture laboratory offers theoretical and practical know-how in a wide array of industrial applications.

The lab is an accredited biosafety 2 level laboratory, involved in several industrial collaboration including:

< stable mammalian cell line creation
< transient and stable protein expression using mammalian cells
< up-stream process development and optimization using different bioreactor types and at different scales (up to 200 L) for originator therapeutic proteins and biosimilars expressed in mammalian cells.

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Downstream Processing Platform

The Downstream Processing Platform of the Institute LifeTechnologies is equipped to answer challenging requests when it comes to the isolation of biomolecules from extracts or fermentation media.

Be it at the test tube or 300 L scale, be it a tech transfer or a full development, our laboratory can handle a broad spectrum of situations and provide adequate support to your project. We have experience in a large variety of partnerships, both academic and industrial, and can ensure that your material will be handled with the strictest confidentiality.

From molecular biology to the pure molecule, the laboratories of our Institute can cover all the steps of process development. Whether you simply need an enriched fraction or a more challenging single band on the SDS gel, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Furthermore, our analytical chemistry labs offer professional and competent support for the characterization and documentation of the composition of the different fractions.

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Food Processing Platform

The Food processing platform is dedicated to the transformation of organic raw materials at pilot plant scale.

The main objective is the transformation of such materials into food products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical products or biomaterials or to perform single steps of fabrication of such products, such as microencapsulation by twin-screw extrusion, spray drying or granulation.

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Microbiology Platform

Independent and active in the field of food safety, hygiene monitoring and microbiological research, the Microbiology laboratory has been ISO 17025 (STS 0093) accredited since 1994 and was authorized by Swiss Medic to analyze non-sterile pharmaceuticals.

Our proximity with the education programs in the fields of food technology, biotechnology and molecular biology as well as numerous contacts with industries beyond the borders of the canton enable us to offer expertise in highly specialized analysis methods.

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Molecular Biology Platform

PhotoGenic, BramoisThe R&D activities of the Molecular biology platform are focused on recombinant peptide/protein expression and on PCR method development.

Our experienced team incorporates considerations of industrial applicability of the developed processes and technologies into all phases of the projects.

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Molecular Diagnostics Platform


Our Molecular Diagnostics Platform offers theoretical and practical know-how in a wide range of applications, ranging from biochemical and molecular diagnostic assay development to systems development.

A strong team of scientists and engineers provides expert support in medical device and system integration, IVD regulatory affairs, prototype testing and method development, optimization & validation in an ISO 17025 environment.

Our analytical reference methods, for instance chromatography (HPLC) or mass spectrometry (MS), allow us to evaluate and cross-validate developed assays and medical devices.

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Peptides and Peptidomimetics Platform

The Peptide and Peptidomimetics research plateform aims at adding value to the development of research projects by investigating peptides for therapeutic, diagnostic and industrial applications.

It offers a value chain that includes, support for the design of peptides and peptidomimetics, custom synthesis, modification and characterization to industry and research institutes.

Its team members are experts in the fields of peptide synthesis, peptidic transporters, peptide conjugates, bio-analytics and virology.

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Phytoresources Platform

PhytoresourcesThe main goal of the Phytoresources platform is the valorization of extracts of aromatic herbs and healing plants.

Specifically, we are able to offer all services from furnishing the plant parts to the small-scale production of an extract with a scientifically characterized bioactivity and chemically quantified active substances.

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Sensory Analysis Platform

Sensory methodologies (hedonic tests, discriminative tests, descriptive tests) and methodologies from the fields of psychophysics and cognitive psychology are used to study consumers’ sensory perceptions and expectations with respect to food products and non-food products.

The fields of application of Sensory analysis are many and diverse:

< Production & quality control
raw materials, packaging, end products, etc.

< Research & development
reformulation, impact of ingredients, etc.

< Marketing
competitor analysis, analysis of new products, etc.

From hedonic tests (consumer tests) to the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of a product (sensory profile), our sensory analysis team is able to offer you a study tailored to your needs.

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