Hes-so Valais

Centres of excellence

The three centres of excellence in the School of Social Work of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis bring together researchers, teachers and practitioners. They aim to produce and disseminate knowledge in three areas:

  • Affects and Bodies
  • Profession and Organisations
  • Territory, Diversity and Migration


The objectives of these centres of excellence are to:

  • Pursue research on social work in relation to these areas and reinforce regular exchanges with professionals in the field, via social intervention;
  • Establish and extend education programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Continuing Education levels;
  • Canvass and respond to requests for services from external institutions;
  • Organise events (conferences, training courses, study days, etc.). 


These centres of excellence give the School of Social Work the necessary organisational basis to lead the field in applied research and development in the area of social work, in Valais and beyond.




Affects and Bodies

Accompanying individuals or families in a vulnerable situation at different stages of life requires a strong emotional and physical engagement, as much on the part of the professional(s) as on that of the beneficiaries.The Centre of Excellence for Affects and Bodies seeks to address the practices, manifestations and representations related to bodies and affects.

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Profession and Organisations

Social work is a profession based on theoretical and practical knowledge, intervention methods, and values that guide its actions. The work of the Centre of Excellence for Profession and Organisations is interactive and well established in state, parastatal and private organisations acting in various areas and contexts (political, legal, cultural and economic). 

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Territory, Diversity and Migration

The Centre of Excellence for Territory, Diversity and Migration unites research and teaching staff from the School of Social Work of the HES-SO Valais Wallis. Its aim is to strengthen specific skills related to issues associated with Territory, Diversity and Migration in the field of social work

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