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Affects and Bodies

Accompanying individuals or families in a vulnerable situation at different stages of life requires a strong emotional and physical engagement, as much on the part of the professional(s) as on that of the beneficiaries. In all its various dimensions (symbolic, physical, emotional, cognitive, gendered, individual and collective), this engagement is at the same time a limit, an opportunity and a strength, as well as being the subject of interventions influenced by the different social contexts.

The Centre of Excellence for Affects and Bodies seeks to address the practices, manifestations and representations related to bodies and affects.

Its work focuses on the following themes:

  • Professional practices supporting the identification and treatment of social vulnerabilities;
  • Interventions in the areas of intimacy and public and private space, particularly in the prevention of certain risks and the reinforcement of protective factors;
  • Determinants and institutional contexts of transformations, and the preservation of affects and bodies.

Examples of studies and actions carried out: intimate partner violence, support for parenting, sexuality and homosexuality, ageing in rural areas, physical and sports activities, situations of mental or physical disability, effects of age and intergenerational issues.