Hes-so Valais

Territory, Diversity and Migration

The Centre of Excellence for Territory, Diversity and Migration unites research and teaching staff from the School of Social Work of the HES-SO Valais Wallis. Its aim is to strengthen specific skills related to issues associated with Territory, Diversity and Migration in the field of social work, by addressing them from a multidisciplinary perspective, through different methodological approaches provided above all by the social and human sciences. 

This centre is concerned with territory as an area inhabited by individuals of all profiles and as a living space made up of practices, norms, representations and imaginary. It is interested in migration in its various forms and with social and cultural diversity in a broad sense. It deals with movement and contemporary socio-cultural dynamics in the realms of social work.

The work carried out by this centre focuses on the following themes:

  • Mountain areas, rural areas
  • Migration and mobility
  • Law and migration
  • Asylum and social work
  • Transnational families
  • Digital technology and social work
  • Citizen participation
  • Local development 

It has four objectives:

  1. Pursue research on social work in relation to territory and reinforce connections and regular exchanges with professionals in the field, through social intervention;
  2. Establish and extend education programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Continuing Education levels;
  3. Canvass and respond to requests for services from external institutions;
  4. Organise events (conferences, training courses, study days, etc.). 

Examples of projects carried out: migration in mountain areas, law and migration, law and migration, asylum in mountain areas, asylum and social work, death and migration, transnational families, citizen participation, youth and rural areas, digital technology and social work, and local development policies.