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domOS project, Business Model co-design workshop at the HES-SO

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Currently, building owners and occupants generally have a limited understanding of the energy systems active in their homes. Smart technologies have the potential to increase the efficiency and flexibility of buildings in the shorter term and with much less investment than major renovations. This is the objective of the domOS project.

The workshop is only the second step in the business model design process 

In the months leading up to the workshop, exploratory qualitative interviews were conducted with stakeholder and the customers of the OIKEN to better understand their problems and needs in relation to energy in the home. 

This workshop initiated the solution phase of the process by verifying and co-designing energy services with various stakeholders from the public, private, research sectors and the customers of OIKEN. Using a World Café methodology, participants were divided into 4 tables and worked on solutions for Heating, energy information platforms, flexibility, and smart homes. Solutions to the problems of users will be further tested through a quantitative survey with a larger number of customers. This applied research project will help to develop SMART energy services and enable people to participate in the energy transition in partnership with European partners.