Hes-so Valais

Research areas

The key activities of the Institute of Systems Engineering are renewable energies, smart grids and the development of tools for the fields of energy, health and environment.

Our research teams have a large range of skills. They carry out applied research and development projects and develop innovative solutions for our partners.

Our research teams:


Data processing for medical devices, space industry, energy and embedded systems.

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Embedded Communicating Systems

Design of devices that combine, within a limited space, their own energy source, dedicated electronics and software, and the protocol stacks required for connectivity. 

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Green Chemistry

Development of custom designed systems employing plasma technology and photoelectrochemical methods for the production and treatment of organic and inorganic materials, energy conversion and analysis systems.

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Development, advice and expert activities in the field of hydroelectric power plants and especially mini-hydroplants.

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Mechanical Engineering

Design of devices, parts and machines, definition of specifications, development and testing of prototypes, analysis of production costs, industrial production.

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Smart Process Lab

The Smart Process Lab (SPL), a long term collaboration between the HES-SO School of Engineering and the aluminum manufacturer Constellium Valais SA, was established in 2018. The goal of this partnership is to accelerate the digitalization efforts and develop Industry 4.0 applications.

For more information see https://spl.hevs.io

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