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Le BPM Starter Kit en pratique à la ville de Sierre: Vom Prozessaudit bis zur Prozessausführung

The Swiss e-government strategy made BPMN the notation of choice for modeling e-government-related processes in Switzerland. To facilitate the adoption of the e-government standards by public administrations, the eCH-BPM Starter Kit was developed as a practice-oriented aid. This talk will present a pilot project conducted in the City of Sierre and applying the BPM Starter Kit. The process for authorizing a public event in Sierre was recognized as very time-consuming. In the first phase of the project, this process was audited and modeled in BPMN. The resulting process model allowed all stakeholders to have the same understanding of the process and to validate it. In a second phase, the BPMN process model was given to an IT firm (TI Informatique) specialized in process execution. They implemented the process based on the previous analysis. This case study will show the different project steps including: First process audit, corrected versions of the process model, executable process model, final process execution (screenshots of the Workflow UI).