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Prof. Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura

Prof. Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura
RoleProfessor UAS
Phone+ 41 58 606 86 68

Dr. Jean-Manuel Segura graduated from EPFL in chemical engineering and obtained his Ph.D. from ETHZ in physical chemistry. He then specialized in biophysics and bioanalytics, especially in advanced fluorescence technologies, during several post-docs and group leader positions in The Netherlands and Switzerland. He joined the Institute Life Technologies as a professor of chemistry in 2008.

His research is devoted to the development and industrial application of novel fluorescence analytical systems, in particular of rapid and simple assays for the diagnostic and biotechnological industry.

His current research interests include:

  • The development of novel in-vitro point-of-care diagnostic assays, e.g. for the diagnostic of fever and for therapeutic drug monitoring.
  • The exploration of novel “smart” sensor molecules such as fluorescent aptamers or supramolecular biosensors.
  • The development of novel “smart” fluorescent labels for cellular diagnostic applications.
  • The design and implementation of rapid assays for the characterization of biotechnological products, e.g. measurements of protein titers and quantification of aggregation.
  • The development of novel oxidation assays for food products such as wine.
  • The adaptation of advanced fluorescence techniques, such as fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, into robust analytical technologies for industry.
  • The application of cheminformatics tools to the design of functional biomolecules such as peptides.