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Charalampos Tampitsikas

RolePhD candidate
QualificationsMSc, BSc in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Technical University of Crete

My name is Charalampos Tampitsikas and I am a Ph.D. student at the joint doctorat program co-organized by the Communication Sciences Department at the University of Lugano and the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland.

I graduated with a Diploma of Engineering from the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department(ECE) at the Technical Iniversity of Crete and in 2006 I received my MSc degree from the same University.

Currently I am working towards my PhD thesis proposal at the Institute of Business Information Systems under the supervision of Professor Dr. Marco Colombetti and Professor Dr. Michael Ignaz Schumacher.

My research interest include Normative multiagent systems, artificial institutions, collaborative work environments, hybrid agent systems and e-markets