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COordinating Multiple Patient centred clinical guidelines for the MetabOlic SyndromE


The COMPOSE project aims to combine evidence based guidelines relating to the metabolic syndrome, to assist the caregiver in detecting situations that need medical attention and to suggest intervention plans that follow the medical guidelines. The system will reason with clinical guidelines relating to diabetes, hypertension and chest pain in order to assist caregivers in identifying the high risk patients and identify the type of actions that are suggested for a specific patient with a specific medical history (past EHRs).

COMPOSE uses declarative reasoning techniques to specify a complex event processing of Electronic Health Records (EHR) that combines new and old patient data to support decision making for the caregivers and defines deliberative protocols to reason with multiple distributed clinical guidelines.

COMPOSE will target the development of a prototype that provides an innovative technical solution to these main objectives.

This project contributes by increasing the adherence to medical guidelines, detecting patients with high risk of the morbidities related to the metabolic syndrome and by assisting the caregivers in taking timely intervention measures.

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