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Smart Grid

The energy sector is rapidly changing: from decentralised power production (photovoltaics, small hydropower, wind power) to electric cars and decentralised power storage in batteries. These changes require an increasing use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in electricity distribution networks, which become smart grids.

Applied research and development

The GridLab is a laboratory for applied research and development in the following areas:

  • Strategies for the control and protection of power grids
  • Characterisation of decentralised production and storage facilities (photovoltaics, batteries)
  • Methods and algorithms for local consumption, load management (demand and response) and microgrids
  • Control and command systems, smart metering, distributed automation
  • Power quality and electromagnetic compatibility for power grids
  • Direct current interconnection between the main elements of production, consumption and storage in buildings and industry.


The Smart Grid team is involved in the Bachelor and Master degree courses in the field of study Energy and Environmental Engineering:

  • Smart Grid major: Students acquire skills in the fields of power grids, automation and information and communication technologies (ICT). They directly benefit from the applied research and development activities of the research team in the following areas: methods for planning and exploiting power grids, control systems, smart metering, optimisation, strategies for the security and safety of power grids, distributed automation.
  • Renewable energies major: In the GridLab, students perform measurements in photovoltaics, wind energy and hydropower.

The Smart Grid team organises continuing education courses for power grid technicians in the GridLab.