Hes-so Valais



The objective of this project was to develop a test method based on a test processor capable of controlling the circuit to be tested (Device Under Test, DUT) using batch files.

The same processor is used for all DUTs and specific adapters are used for the connections. A “Global Simulation Script” is used to process the test results in order to provide the user with as detailed information as required.

The secondary objective of the project was to subdivide the simulation into several tasks that can be executed on one or several machines in order to reduce the duration of the simulation.

This tool provides a test method that can also be used for other projects if slightly adapted (i.e. development of new adapters for each new project). The tests are checked using text files that can easily be edited and allow the description of tests of medium complexity.

The distribution of the test over several PCs is very helpful with long simulations, i.e. when designing complex digital systems with large programmable circuits.