Academic year 2023/2024

All applications must be done through the official online form :


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Email:

Important dates

  • The application deadline for Swiss citizens : May 31st 2023, the depending on the number of places available
  • The application deadline for non-Swiss citizens: March 31st 2023
  • The application deadline for those admitted on the basis of a dossier (25 years or older, without diploma access) : March 31st 2023
  • The application deadline for the ECUS exam (not free) : March 31st 2023
    • Date and location of the ECUS exam :
    • Prior application to the degree programme. The application fees are due (CHF 150 .-)
  • Admission exam HES-SO (not free) : May 31st 2023

Start of the academic year

  • Welcoming day for the new students : September 14th 2023
  • Beginning of class : September 18th 2023


It is mandatory for the students entering the first year to have a personal portable computer (laptop). The details concerning the type of device as well as the minimal technical specifications required are found in this guideline (only French). 


The application fee (fees for processing application) is CHF 150.00. No admission is decided until the application fee is payed. 

The tuition fees are at the expense of the students and are fixed at CHF 1'000.-.

Fees related to scolar documentation and other services amounts to CHF 550.- per year of study.

Prepatory course in mathematics

This course is highly recommended to the applicants who do not have a high school baccalaureate or a technical federal vocational baccalaureate. Organised in the form of a brief review of theory and practical exercises, this course aims to review the essential notions that form the basis of an engineer's training. 

Dates: mid-August to mid-September

Registration (only French and German) / Information brochure (only French and German)

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