Registrations for the start of studies in 2024/2025 are open!

You can register online via the following link:


Registration deadline

  • 31 May 2024
  • The registration deadline for registration requests from foreign citizens requiring a visa is fixed on 31 March 2024.

Start of the academic year 2024/2025

  • 16.09.2024

Admission service


  • The course fees payable by students are fixed at CHF 1,000 per year of study.
  • The fees relating to the academic documentation and other services are CHF 550 per year of study (subject to a factor of 0.75 for part-time study)
  • The registration fee is CHF 150, payable on registration and non-refundable.

Course materials

Given the growing necessity for permanent access to information and communications, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis requires first-year students to have a personal portable computer (laptop) as a work tool.

You can find details of the type of machine and the minimum technical specifications here. (in French).

International students

You will find all the information you need for your studies in Switzerland on the CRUS (Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities) website. You can also consult the brochure published by swissuniversities or the HES-SO for more detailed information.


Student for a day

We offer the opportunity for you to become a student for a day. Come and spend a day finding out what it is like to study on the Business Information Technology degree programme. Follow teaching sessions alongside the students and take the opportunity to ask the teaching staff any questions you may have.