Evodea Cooperative is the third Team Company of the HES-SO Team Academy program. Made up of 18 enthusiastic and inquisitive Teampreneurs, our company aims to develop our skillsets through client-focused projects. Our active and timely communication allows our team to evolve our ideas and embrace creativity. In addition, as part of our projects, we collaborate with various companies in the greater regional area.

The 24H-customer challenge is one of Evodea’s services. This concept consists of bringing together the 18 Teampreneurs in order to solve a problem given by the client company in 24 hours. Our team is motivated to diagnose your challenge and provide solutions!

The Evodea Cooperative is in a constant discovery of the entrepreneurial and economical terrain with its members developing their knowledge, and confidence in using current tools and applicable resources. We are always ready to take on challenges and move outside of our comfort zone. Feel free to follow us on our social networks to join our adventure!