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Hervé Girard

Adjoint·e scientifique HES
Formations DUT Chimie et Science des Matériaux, Université de Franche Comté, 1991
Bureau ENP.23.N115

Hervé Girard was born in Chartres (France) in 1971. After having spent most of his scholarship overseas, he graduated from Franche-Comté University in 1991 with a DUT of Chemistry and Materials Science. He first joined R&D headquarters of BASF P+E near Paris, and spent 7 years developing solutions for automotive coatings, mainly waterborne based, before managing several automotive Cubic Printing projects for CREADEC in Besançon.

Arriving in Pontarlier in 1999, he was commited by FCI Connectors to manage the electroplating workshop. Then he was a co-founder of DOR-X (2004), a company specialized in metal coatings. In 2006, he joined the swiss group Estoppey Reber in Aegerten (BE), and dedicated himself to vibroplating processes and issues.

Since 2009, he's a member of the Institute of Systems Engineering (Design & Materials Unit) of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland), as assistant in the field of powder metallurgy, tape casting and copper-based shape memory alloys.

Hervé Girard