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CAS HES-SO Revenue Management for Revenue Leaders

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The CAS will develop your skills to the senior management level, giving you the knowledge and ability to address and meet strategic challenges. The professional management development program will mainly focus on the development of high-level soft skills, which are of particular importance for revenue leaders in a senior position. This certification will also ensure that you have the hard competencies needed to succeed when working in a senior management role, where revenue optimization is your key responsibility.


Module 1 – Revenue Management Function / Communication & Conflict Management (3 ECTS)

  • Make an inventory of how elements and practices of revenue management are applied in the different places in your company
  • Assess and select the most appropriate long and short term performance measurements
  • Calculate the potential of revenue management within your business
  • Drive a strong revenue management culture within the entire business
  • Support internal and external collaboration

Module 2 – Total Revenue Management (TRM) (3 ECTS)

  • Develop a more effective and unified approach to market segmentation
  • Evaluate past, current and future total revenue management strategies
  • Assess the value of integrating CRM, TRM and marketing analytics for the optimisation of total revenue
  • Provide opportunities for staff to give their ideas for ways to improve TRM further

Module 3 – Data Analytics & Data Strategy (3 ECTS)

  • Use multiple sources of data (financial and non-financial) to make better decisions and anticipate in the future accurately
  • Apply critical, analytical and strategical thinking when making decisions, from different data sources
  • Design impactful visualisation from data, to drive revenue optimisation actions

Module 4 – Revenue Leadership (3 ECTS)

  • Implement change and risk management in your organisation towards optimising revenue and promoting / enabling innovation and related processes
  • Implement innovation management
  • Integrate service design processes, techniques and tools
  • Develop yourself as a team coach

Module 5 – Final Certificate Work (2 ECTS)

This work is developed over the course of the year and is finalized after module four.

The CAS aims to support the evolution of Revenue Management practice within your business. Therefore, the work carried out by the participants (Module and Certificate work) should, if possible, concern an actual project.



Public cible

If you are working as a manager in one of the below positions, then you will find the content of this CAS very valuable.

  • Hotel Managers
  • Hotel Revenue Managers
  • Destination Revenue Manager
  • Managers (Service Industry)



The skills and knowledge required to implement Revenue Management are evolving due to the constant evolution of information and communication technology (the emergence of new actors on the market, the ever-changing consumer behaviour and the growing need to develop online reputation). The field is still moving rapidly, and many more challenges will emerge in the coming years. Thus, Revenue Leaders need to be proactive and have the ability to adapt to change. The future of business relies on the ability to implement total revenue management (TRM) by first building a holistic revenue management culture to optimise diverse revenue streams.

The CAS is delivered by the Swiss University of Applied Science (HES-SO Valais-Wallis), with the participation of sector specific experts and senior revenue managers. The HES-SO is fully engaged in providing you with the best practices necessary to accompany you during your senior management professional development. In addition to solid training in revenue leadership, you will develop your team coach skills, to transform your people into high performing teams

This CAS will include five modules, delivered over a 12 months period. The first four modules will require you to interact with revenue managers, sector specific experts and revenue leaders and aims to develop the particular soft and hard skills required to advance in your career. There will be pre-work, workshops and post-work.


Durée de la formation

This CAS will include five modules, delivered over a 12 month period


Titre délivré

CAS HES-SO in Revenue Management for Revenue Leaders



6’700.- Swiss Francs (full program of study) + Sfr.200.- (registration fee)

For single modules, prices are as follows:

CHF 1’500.- Module 1

CHF 2’000.- Module 2

CHF 2’000.- Module 3

CHF 2’000.- Module 4

*Travel and accommodation not included


Renseignements pratiques

At least 3 modules will be delivered in Switzerland and 1 module may be delivered in another central European location. This will be dependent on where most of the participants are from.



A bachelor degree are eligible or at least 4 years of professional experience (including two at management level). Candidates who do not have a Bachelor Degree will be required to submit evidence of their work experience for consideration by the admission panel. The number of admissions without a bachelor degree is limited to 40% per cohort.


Nom du professeur-e enseignant

Kate Varini


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