Hes-so Valais


​Jeudi 20 septembre 2018 @ Campus Bellevue Sierre


16:00 - 18:30


Travaux de Bachelor de la filière Informatique de gestion



18:30 - 19:05


"Immersive Technologies"

Sylvain Cardin

Virtual reality project manager @ MindMaze

Sylvain Cardin has worked in the field of virtual and augmented reality for the last 13 years. From a PhD at the Virtual Reality Laboratory of EPFL he worked on different immersive system such as Head Mounted display, Cave installation, Haptics, 3D visualization and wearable sensors. He was involved in the Solar impulse project, developing symbodic interaction between the pilot and the aircraft using tactile and wearable sensors. Involved in the development of interactive system, he brought innovative technolgy for public events within different start up. Now managing different innovation project at Mindmaze, he was paricipated in the technology transfer from prototype to medical grade device and key research development.

MindMaze’s mission is to solve complex problems with the power of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. We are developing a hardware platform to enable advanced sensory integration in human-computer interfaces. Mindmaze already provides FDA-cleared devices to healthcare professionals to help patients with brain injuries improve their quality of life through neurorehabilitation.



19:05 - 19:40


"Becoming an IT entrepreneur ?"

Julien Denaes

Co-founder at Alpin.io @ Boulder Colorado USA

Startup entrepreneur. Passionate about B2B Software.

Alumni HES-SO Valais-Wallis - Business Information Technology 2007

Julien oversees all company strategy and business activities, and drives the company’s strong commitment to its culture and core values. While leading Alpin, he was a Global Entrepreneur in Residence at CU Boulder, where he provided guidance to over 500 students, coached over 100 startups, served as a speaker.

He guided Alpin’s successful acceptance into several highly-selective startup accelerators, including The Founder Institute (one of 12 companies chosen out of 750 applicants), FounderLab (by winning first place out of the 12 Founder Institute companies), Startup Next and Techstars (one of 11 companies chosen out of 2,000), improving the company and its ability to deliver value to customers at each stage.

He is a cloud security expert and an accomplished mobile app and front end developer, creating systems that have withstood extensive penetration testing efforts by Alpin’s customers. Before co-founding Alpin, he led teams designing new systems for large global clients including Nestlé, Richemont (owner of luxury brands such as Cartier, Montblanc, Van Cleef & Arpels and many more), Nespresso, the United Nations and others.



19:40 - 20:00


Avec la participation des étudiants de la Team Academy



DES 20:00


Bar : Association des Etudiants HEG Sierre

Travaux de Bachelor de la filière Informatique de gestion (suite)