Commodity 12 - Demo of the monitoring system (hypoglycemia alert)

The video below presents an example scenario where a monitored diabetic patient measures his blood sugar concentration and sends it to the health information system through the use of a mobile device such as a tablet or a smart phone. The infomation system allows for a physician to review the measured values in order to adjust the treament if necessary. An intelligent system based on a multi-parametric analysis of the data can throw alerts in case of abnormal conditions.

Commodity 12 - Demo of the Hypoglycemia alert from AISLab HES-SO Valais on Vimeo.

Commodity 12 - Demo of the case-based retrieval system

The video below presents the case-based retrieval (CBR) component part of the Commodity 12 project. The CBR component allows for a physician, given a patient, to look for similar patients existing into the health records database. The goal is to give the possibility to a physician to review similar patients in order to help him when he has to define the treatment for a new patient.

Demo of Intelligent Monitoring of Gestational Diabetis Mellitus

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes affecting temporarily some otherwise healthy pregnant women. Current medical practices do not allow the doctors to monitor such patients as closely as needed. This demo presents a complete pervasive health system for patient monitoring, including mobile devices for acquiring data from patients and a Web interface for doctors to check the status of their patients. At the core, a multi-agent expert system monitors the patient health state and triggers alerts to the doctor to raise attention on the specific conditions of a patient. This allows the doctor to react faster to changes of condition of the woman, benefiting the baby’s and the mother’s health.