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Val2 Pro

Val2 Pro

To facilitate the Swiss E-Government strategy that requires the modeling of administrative processes, Val2 Pro provides means for the analytical quality assurance of business process models captured in the BPMN 2.0 modeling language.

The Val2Pro project consists of three parts:

  • The validation of process models
  • The handling of incorrect process models during process execution
  • The valorization of process models.

The validation consists of a set of services that evaluate the schematic, the style and the structural validation of a business process model. 

The handling of wrong specification during the execution of process will to ensure and maintain a high quality in the process models and their execution for the Swiss administration. 

To valorize business processes, we want to provide a showcase how process models can be used by public authorities to provide fast new kinds of services to companies and citizens for increasing the efficiency of their processes.


Start  04 / 2013
End  09 / 2014
Funding  HES-SO / RCSO