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Over the last years, the global electricity industry has been experienced significant changes toward a decentralization and competition. Energy Market Liberalization (EML) has been one of the most representative worldwide reforms on the electricity market. EML has enabled suppliers, consumers and retailers to be involved in an institutional arrangement which provides an enhanced array of services, products and opportunities to ensure a better match individual energy marketing preferences. As a result of such process, deregulated electricity markets have emerged. They are complex adaptive systems characterized by having asymmetric information, imperfect competition, strategic interaction, collective learning and have multiple equilibrium.

While Multi Agent Based Systems (MABS) has had a significant contribution to the deeper understanding the dynamics of the deregulated electricity markets and its practices in the real world, it becomes more important to develop appropriate means for improving the short-term design of their conceptual models in terms of how much they can be created from a cross-disciplinary domain expertise dimension. The current practices of MABS business model implementations are based on ad-hoc strategies influenced by a lead discipline approach where a single point-of-view dominates the decision making process of the business designing models. Thus, business models can be produced with a lower quality design and limited understanding.
Ontology Driven Conceptual Modeling (ODCM) approach uses ontologies to drive the creation of simulation models and in doing so makes use of an agreed upon set of terms and relationships that are shared by domain experts, modelers, and model development tools. ODCM provides the foundations for enabling the extension of structural changes on MABS business models, as well as, their automated adaptation.
This project proposes an integrated solution for modeling and simulating agent-based models on the basis of Ontology Driven Conceptual Modeling approach. The project is focused on the creation of methods, mechanisms and tools to support the design, implementation and experimentation of electricity market agent-based models. This project proposes the creation of a framework that defines a single and integrated formalism to define the electricity market MABS dimensions:

  1. Execution of transformation patterns on the conceptual model for generating a grammar specification (symbols and productions) for supporting the conceptual modeling design of electricity markets.
  2. Generation of agent-based electricity market models from instances of the conceptual model.
  3. Execution of agent rules for adapting changes in the behavior of the agent model during the simulation runtime.