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Creativ Learning Innovation Cycle Applied to the Service Sector

The objective of this research project is to test the managerial best practices of the Creative-Learning Innovation Cycle (CLIC) developed by Nassar & Tucci (2012) and shape them to fit within the service sector. The CLIC mostly concentrates on a population of engineers working in the water treatment and biomedical industries .The fitting of the CLIC within the service sector might constitute an upgraded version of the CLIC's roadmap that serves the leaders in this sector to enhance the state of flow of their collaborators. This research might also constitute a foundation for the development of an interactive web based tool that gauges the state of flow of the collaborators and optimizes leaders' decision-making regarding the best practice that might regulate the state of flow of their collaborators in the service sector.

Team : Pannatier Gaëtan, Nassar Vincent, Gaillard Thierry, Emery Lionel.