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Multi-services platform for residential buildings


SCADA systems, scientific data analysis, building/appliance monitoring and control, preventive maintenance: these applications require geographically distributed data acquisition, data processing and possibly transmission of set points to field devices.

In this context, an Internet of Things (IoT) framework enabling a quick and efficient deployment of such solutions has been developed and made available as open source software under the name "cloud.iO". cloud.iO is basically independent of the type of sensors and actuators. It let users structure the data according to their needs. Safety of processes, data security and privacy are at the heart of the design of the cloud.iO framework.


The cloud.iO framework is made up of three parts: a library to support development of field devices (available), a library to support development of visualization / analysis / control applications (partially available) and a central cloud-based environment with notably a topology database, a history database and an access right database (available). cloud.iO is successfully used in several projects.