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Sports Event Network for Touristic and Economic Development in the Alpine Space

There is a concrete lack of collaboration in the field of economic touristic, and sports development in the Alpine Space.The overall background of the project aims to reinforce the transnational cooperation of the partners in the field of economic development, touristic promotion and sustainable development. The regions taking part in the project already collaborate in limited ways, but the goal is to foster an institutional collaboration permitting to optimize the sharing and transfer of competencies and know-how in the fields of sports events planning and organization. The objectives of the project is first of all to develop an institutional network allowing to optimize the collaboration of the different partners in the project. The wish is to really implicate the different regions in this network.

Equipe de travail : Nicolas Délétroz, Alexis Tschopp, Sarah Richard, Christophe Clivaz, Jacques Michelet, Raphaël Favre.