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Henning Müller, Antonio Foncubierta-Rodriguez, Chang Lin, Ivan Eggel
Nom du congrès, lieu et date
SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando (USA) du 09.02.2013 au 14.02.2013

When physicians are searching for articles in the medical literature, images of the articles can help determining relevance of the article content for a specific information need. The visual image representation can be an advantage in effectiveness (quality of found articles) and also in efficiency (speed of determining relevance or irrelevance) as many articles can likely be excluded much quicker by looking at a few representative images.

This article describes the user tests and can be a first important step to evaluate automatic tools to select representative images for representing articles and potentially also images in other contexts, for example when representing patient records or other medical concepts when selecting images to represent RadLex terms in tutorials or interactive interfaces for example. This can help to make the image retrieval process more efficient and effective for physicians.