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Green-e 2.0 - CTI 9689.1

Green-e 2.0 - CTI 9689.1

Companies generally don’t know what are their direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Such information is becoming strategic for companies : they are looking for solutions to identify priorities for action, prevent risks by anticipating influence of legislation, communicate their effectiveness and compare with competitors. 

Green-e 2.0 is a CTI project between ecointesys - life-cycle systems, a Swiss company leader in the assessment of environmental performances and the HES-SO // Wallis in Sierre. This CTI project consists in developing and commercializing Green-e 2.0, a web-based configurable and interoperable software solution able to quantify the environmental performance of companies and products using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach (ISO 14'040 - 44), producing clear and understandable environmental performance reports. Green-e 2.0 will bring innovations at different levels: 

  • Web 2.0 interface using novel and advanced technologies such as SilverLight, Ajax or Xforms to render an intuitive interface that is automatically adapted according to the environmental computation
  • Configurable computation of environmental metrics such as carbon dioxide footprint, primary energy consumption, impact on human health and other metrics using innovating software architectures based on extensible markup languages (XML)
  • Connection to central data systems of enterprises to dynamically perform environmental analysis.

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