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ROue D'INformation

ROue D'INformation

Rodin (ROue D‘INformation) is a project that aims to develop an innovative tool for the bundling and coupling of user relevant information sources. Information specialists and simple users will be able to gather those information ressources that are interesting for their work or in relation with their personal interests in a dynamic and user friendly information aggregate. The tool includes a search engine that allows simultaneous search in all components of the aggregate as well as a search that starts from the result of a preceding search.

RODIN also tends to gather those information ressources that are established within the context of e-lib.ch or similar swiss projects (catalogues, digitized images, geo-Information, etc.) in a coherent framework to simplify meta- and reciprocal search.

It allows the integration, aggregation and mashing of heterogeneous data resources. The system includes an integrated search functionality that will be enhanced through semantic web technology. The end user himself will be able to gather and combine creatively the provided information resources and search simultaneously within these resources or the mashing results. Ad-hoc modifications concerning his actual needs or his current search situation will be possible at any time. Long term modifications will be possible through the interaction between users, key users, information experts and developers.

The system is developed for two major frameworks:

  • as a personalizable web portal
  • as an intranet like in-house component for information management within the context of libraries to give information specialists a tool for delivering information services.  

The first framework is developed to show the feasibility of the product and to test it with freely available resources before the integration of information services developed within the context of the E-lib.ch main project.