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With both an academic background and 15 years experience as an engineer in industry, Jerome joined the HES-SO in 2018 to lead the newly created Smart Process Lab and teach Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers at undergraduate level.

Jerome initially studied Mechanical Design and Automation at the Institut Universitaire de Nimes in 1996. He then studied in the UK, as an ERASMUS student, and obtained a Batchelor in Computer Aided Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire in 1997. He continued his studies at Cardiff University where he obtained a Master with distinctions in Artificial Intelligence with Engineering Application. That year he also obtained the price for Best Exam Results and Best Master Project in the engineering department for his dissertation on “area Covering Algorithms for Domestic Mobile Robots”. He continued to study at Cardiff University as part of the robotics group and obtained his PhD in 2003.

In 2003, Jerome joined Thermo as an embedded software engineer working on x-ray thickness and profile gauges for the rolled metal industry. Then, in 2006, he joined Renishaw, working as a senior embedded software engineer on the five axis measurement systems: Developing algorithms for continuous cylinder and section scanning for application such as engine cylinder or jet turbine measurements. In 2009, Jerome joined Malvern Instruments as a Senior System Engineer, working on their rotational rheometer range.

Then, in 2012, Jerome joined Myotest, a Swiss start-up. As R&D Manager, he set the company research and development roadmap, set the technical solution architecture and built up the team: Recruiting several engineers from the HES-SO. He lead the algorithm development for all the company movement analysis portfolio, including Running and walking step counting with high accuracy and ultra-low false positive rate, Running power measurements with sensor on the wrist (for the running and smart watch market). He also led the algorithms automated validations, tests and benchmarking on embedded targets.

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