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The goal of the Cold project is to develop a method that enables system developers to design energy aware embedded software without mixing up system logic with energy awareness logic.

Two different approaches are combined to encounter this quite complex challenge: architecture with an energy aware operating

  • An system (OS), an energy aware hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and a resource manager (RM) are introduced. This architecture contributes to a significantly lower energy consumption by setting the processor and the peripheral devices asleep or even shutting them down when ever possible.
  • An intelligent code generator is able to locate behavioral patterns that can be transformed into energy aware code. One of the advantages of the above mentioned framework is that it also can be used to write code for a system without using the code generator tool.

The delegation of complex energy awareness logic into the OS respectively HAL and RM reduce complexity of energy aware systems. Especially, energy awareness logic and business logic are not mixed up. The developer can focus on system functionality and anyhow create systems with enhanced energy efficiency. Changes of the system behavior are automatically considered by the different energy awareness layers. This keeps portability of developed system intact.