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RFID Supervision System for Keeping Quality of Perishable Foods


This project aims to Develop a supervision RFID system to monitor quality changes during transport of perishable foods. When addressed, the system will give a shelf life prediction based on the used quality model. This system will be used to make appropriate management decisions that maintain and increase value across a supply chain, orders for stores is then prepared based on FEFO: First to Expire First Out as opposed to FIFO: First In First Out.

Compared to the random inspections, the proposed tag system consisting of a CMOS RFID Analogue Front End (AFE), a micro-controller and sensors will add the benefit of scanning a pallet on receipt, thanks to the tag attached on it. The tag will communicate the time a product remains acceptable and if an alert is active, the receiver knows immediately that there is a potential problem with the shipment which needs then to be managed carefully and efficiently to prevent loss.

In addition, the innovation of the proposed system is the re-use feature. Indeed, to allow re-charging the battery through the RF field, a new battery charger will be designed and integrated within the AFE, this will lead to a self-powered system which is a new benefit in the RFID sensing and continuous monitoring.