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Simulation and casting of the next generation of Nozzle Guide Vanes (NGV)

Nozzle guide vanes (NGV) play a critical role in the thermodynamic efficiency, aerodynamic performance, and cost of ownership of gas-turbine turbine engines. The objective of the VANCAST project is to develop the next generation nozzle guide vane design and manufacturing capability for low pressure turbines of advanced aircraft engines. The industrial benefits for the aviation industry of new NGV designs include reduced emissions, and improved fuel efficiency, reduced weight, and lower operating costs.

The new design and manufacturing capabilities will be established by building an improved modeling capability to simulate mold filling, solidification, residual stress and microstructure evolution during equiaxed casting processes. Critical DOE casting trials will be used to validate the model and enhance the manufacturing capability. These NGV designs and casting technologies will be evaluated using a combination of optimization studies using the enhanced software code developed in the present program, and the casting trials and analyses that will be performed.

Partners: The consortium is led by IMDEA Materials Institute and includes ITP, Precicast Bilbao, Calcom-ESI, University of Applied Sciences Western Switwerland and Precicast Novazzano

Funding Organisation: ERA-Matera+, 7th Framework Programme. For Switzerland : CTI