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Peptide and Protein Technologies

The PEPTIDE AND PROTEIN TECHNOLOGIES (P2T) research group consists of 6 principal investigators with academic and industrial experience. The key competences of this team are geared toward adding value to the development of industrial projects.

The team focuses mainly in the discovery and the optimization of peptides and proteins, for therapeutic, diagnostic and food applications.

The P2T team offers to industry and research institutes a value chain that includes the development, the characterization, and the production of peptides and proteins. The team members are experts mainly in the fields of virology, peptide synthesis, peptidic transporters, peptide conjugates, assay development, recombinant technologies and bio-analytics.


  • Discovery and optimization of therapeutic peptides
  • Development of expression platforms for the production of recombinant peptides
  • Small-scale production of peptides and proteins in microbial and mammalian cells
  • Custom peptidomimetics design and synthesis, peptide conjugation chemistries, efficient work-up procedures based on chromatographic purification
  • Modern analytical peptide & protein characterization tools, and (semi-preparative) purification tools : LC, electrophoresis e.g. CE, MS (qTOF. qqq), S-S bridge identification (enzymatic & MS), complex N-glycan characterization (UPLC-MS, CE-MS).
  • Development of novel peptide & protein probes for diagnostics applications (therapeutic drug monitoring, monitoring of recombinant protein production, peptide microarrays)



Franka Kalman, Ph.D.
Bioanalytics, Assay & Method Development/Validation

Marc Mathieu Ph.D.
Peptide chemistry & analytics, Peptide conjugates, Cellular transporters

Origène Nyanguile, Ph.D.
Peptide chemistry, Biochemistry, Virology, Antiviral drug discovery

Gerrit Hagens, Ph.D.
Cell line and manufacturing process development, Cell-and immunotherapy, Recombinant production and biosimilars

Jean-Manuel Segura, Ph.D.
POC Diagnostics, Assay development, Detection systems

Sarah Wegmüller, Ph.D.
Molecular biology, Recombinant production, Gene expression analysis