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Du 14-09-2021 au 17-09-2021

International Symposium on Biopolymers 2021

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International Symposium on Biopolymers 2021
International Symposium on Biopolymers 2021

The International Symposium on Biopolymers (ISBP) is a successful series of symposia on biopolymers that is taking place every two years since the very first meeting in Toronto 1988 (1990 Sitges/Barcelona, 1992 Göttingen, 1994 Montreal, 1996 Davos, 1998 Tokyo, 2000 Cambridge, 2002 Münster, 2004 Beijing, 2006 Minneapolis, 2008 Auckland, 2010 Stuttgart, 2012 Cairns, 2014 Santos, 2016 Madrid, and 2018 Beijing). This 17 th edition is scheduled for September 14-17 2021 and will be held in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, and be organized by University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland and the University of Stuttgart.

ISBP2020 will focus on microbially synthesized (bio)polymers like polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), cellulose, pullulan, cyanophycin, polylactic acid (PLA), polyisoprenes (rubbers), but is also open for bio-based polymers (e.g. BioPET and PEF), and will include inorganic biopolymers such as polyphosphate (polyP).

The following topics will be covered during scientific sessions: Metabolic pathways and engineering, production and processing, functional biopolymers and building blocks, material science and engineering, biodegradation and recycling of biopolymers, sustainable feedstock and life cycle assessment, applications in industry (e.g. packaging, 3D printing) and medicine (the latter ones will be the focus of the “Industry day”). Outstanding abstracts will be selected for Pecha Kucha presentations (short oral presentations).

On the occasion of ISBP2020, four prices will find new owners:

  • ISBP Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Bernard Witholt PHA Award
  • Best scientific publication since ISBP2018
  • Best poster

Academic and industrial delegates are welcome to participate in ISBP2020.

Manfred Zinn and Dieter Jendrossek

Symposium Chairs


The website dedicated to this event : www.isbp2020.com




Zinn Manfred


+41 27 606 86 66