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With regards to the dynamic and evolving online travel market, HOTREC (the umbrella association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in Europe) aims to analyze the current situation of the distribution channels of the hotels within their member countries and to compare this data of the individual states with previous years as far as such previous data are available. In this context, online booking platforms and emerging distribution channels are looked at more closely.

Since 2003, a standard questionnaire is being used in Switzerland for the analysis of the distribution landscape in the hotel industry, allowing monitoring of the evolution of hotel distribution channels over time. In 2012 the same approach was used for a survey in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For this study, a modified version of the questionnaire developed for the Hotrec distribution study 2014 will be used.

Due to time and financial reasons, the collection of data will be done online and the establishments will be contacted by email, newsletter or eventually links on websites of members' associations. The online questionnaire is managed by HES-SO Valais' Institute of Tourism (ITO), whereas Hotrec individual hotel associations will conduct the administration of the survey (i.e. mailing). During this communication phase, Hotrec office will coordinate activities in the member countries.