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Transnational partnership for innovation in tourism with Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme

The origin of the project is connected with the ACEP's experience to date connected with the coordination of cooperation with Switzerland and process of Swiss partners search who would be eager to cooperate with local administrative units and non-governmental organizations from the Podkarapckie Voivodeship. The projects evaluation, which had been realized by the ACEP with 
a Swiss contribution, has shown that there is a need to create a system of support for the entities from the Podkarpackie Voivodeship which will decrease socio-economic disparities between the project target groups and highly-developed countries like the Swiss Confederation. Among the problems which makes the cooperation between the bodies from Podkarpackie and such countries difficult, the following ones shall be mentioned: low level of interest among Swiss units in real cooperation with the states of the East-Central Europe, lack of database with offers and possibilities of Polish and Swiss partnership cooperation, lack of indicated fields of possible cooperation between Polish and Swiss bodies as regards public and non-governmental environment. Moreover, the plans of cooperation between local governments and NGOs, which are statutorily created every year by local administrative units, are rarely updated in respect of current needs and the cooperation between these bodies is just a financial one.

Equipe de travail : Manu Broccard, Marc Schnyder, Marut Doctor, Katarzyna Klimek.