The PEPTIDE AND PROTEIN TECHNOLOGIES (P2T) research group consists of 7 principal investigators with academic and industrial experience. The research of the team is focused on the discovery, development and manufacturing of peptides, proteins, antibodies, biosimilars and cell therapies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The team members have expertise in i) antiviral drug discovery, ii) the synthesis of peptide, peptidomimetics, peptide and antibody conjugates, iii) assays for diagnostic applications, iv) recombinant technologies, v) immune- and cell-based therapies and vi) mass spectroscopy and bio-analytics.

Research areas

  • Discovery and development of antiviral peptides (RSV, SARS-CoV-2)
  • Template directed methods for the regioselective conjugation of antibodies
  • Discovery and development of antibacterial cyclodepsipeptides
  • Discovery and development of Glycosidase and Glycoslytransferase Inhibitors
  • Protein characterization by CE or LC coupled to MS (qToF, QQQ), PTM characterization, Quantitative assay development.
  • Stable mammalian cell line creation, manufacturing process development and optimization (USP, DSP up to 200 L) for originator therapeutic proteins (e.g. monoclonal and bi-specific antibodies) and biosimilars 
  • Development of cell-based therapies (e.g. CAR T). 
  • Recombinant production of (disulfide-rich) proteins and peptides in microorganisms (E. coli and Pichia); strain development, including CRISPR/Cas9 (E. coli, P. putida)
  • Peptide and protein bioconjugates for diagnostic applications.

Senior researchers