Hes-so Valais


New communication and computing technologies are changing at a rate that was never seen before. Constant miniaturization and performance improvements led us to the place that it is possible to embed "intelligence" in literally everything. Those "intelligent" things will be able to communicate with outer world using new communication technologies, create vast and complex networks that will subsequently form the Internet of Things (IoT). Incredible amount of new devices will require outer world communications using efficient and secure methods, with high constraints on computational power, maintenance and power consumption. This brings exciting new challenges that need to be faced by the research community today.

Manually managing such vast amount of device will be completely impossible or at least extremely expensive. New commissioning and 
managing mechanisms that maximally reduce human intervention are needed. Those mechanisms should be flexible, robust and secure. I am able to come up with the solution for these issues by combining the Extensible Authentication Protocol with TEPANOM protocol and optimize them for the needs of the IoT devices. These solutions will be fully integrated and thoroughly tested with new IoT platform based on Real-Time operating system. And finally they will be adapted as a Cloud based service for the flexibility and easier application in future deployments of the solutions based on IoT technology. This problematic is not well investigated by the IoT research community. The outcome of this project will have great impact for business and research community.

Goal of this project is to analyze, design and evaluate the Bootstrapping, Authentication, Security and Trust mechanisms for the Internet of Things Networks. The outcome of the research will provide secure mechanisms for Authentication, Authorization, Configuration, Management, Usage and Data Processing for the future Internet of Things (IoT) applications.