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Design and development of automated systems. Carrying out of pluridisciplinary systems studies.

Among other fields, automation is used in biotechnology, in particular for chemical and biotechnological processes in mini-reactors (several millilitres), large reactors (several hundred litres), and fermentation, drying, pasteurisation, extraction and mixing systems.

Activities in the automation field

  • Process instrumentation (sensors, actuators, etc.)
  • Processing and transmission of analogue and digital signals (filtering, sampling, amplification, transformation, etc.)
  • Design and realisation of different components and systems (electrical and mechanical components, electrical wiring, electrical cabinets, etc.)
  • Choice, design, development and realisation of control systems (hardware and software)
  • Identification and modelling of dynamic processes – control engineering (PID controllers, adaptive control, fuzzy logic, etc.)
  • Programming of different platforms (PCs, programmable logic controllers, signal processors, etc.)
  • Programming languages (Assembler, C, LabVIEW, etc.)
  • Automation and control of chemical and biotechnological processes
  • Monitoring and storage of data (databases)
  • Online and offline monitoring
  • Distant monitoring and control (via Ethernet)