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Lionel Emery

Academic associate UAS
Office Technopôle - Le Foyer


An academic collaborator at the Institut Entrepreneuriat et Management (IEM) of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Lionel Emery obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration (MSc BA), Management orientation and Service Engineering. In his master's work, he focused on management practices and project management methods in start-ups and thus developed expertise in these fields. He completed his training with a diploma in team coaching (Team Mastery UK) in an international context (England and Finland).

In 2017, he actively participated in the launch of the first Team Academy in Switzerland, a Bachelor's degree in business management that reverses the classic pedagogical model. Based on team-based learning and action, the Team Academy program replaces course grids with real projects, exams with a portfolio of skills and teachers with coaches who seek to develop the potential of each student.  Lionel is now an academic collaborator and coach of this program. He is also involved as a coach with students in the Business eXperience entrepreneurship training program.

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