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Prof. Dr. Sasa Miladinovic

Professor UAS
Office VS-ENP. 19.N506

Professor Saša M. Miladinović received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Arkansas, USA, where he conducted research under the guidance of Professor Charles L. Wilkins. His doctoral studies focused on utilizing high-resolution mass spectrometry for analyzing synthetic polymers. 

Following this, Saša pursued his first postdoctoral fellowship at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, working in Tsybin’s lab. Here, he explored the field of high-resolution qualitative top-down mass spectrometry of intact proteins and peptides. 

For his second postdoctoral fellowship, Saša joined the lab of Professor Aebersold at ETH Zürich, where he studied quantitative targeted and untargeted proteomics. His doctoral and postdoctoral research yielded numerous publications in high-impact scientific journals.

After gaining valuable experience in the industry, where he worked as a research scientist on various innovative projects, including quantitative LC-MS bioanalysis of small molecules, pharmaceuticals, and proteins (including antibodies), Saša returned to academia. He now serves as an associate professor of bioanalytical chemistry at HES-SO Valais/Wallis. Saša is dedicated to continuing his research in the field of mass spectrometry and is committed to mentorship and teaching the next generation of scientists.

Senior researcher in 2 research groups («Peptide & Protein Technologies» and «Biotechnology and Sustainable Chemistry»), Saša is interested in various areas of research. These include:

  • developing quantitative untargeted data-independent analysis mass spectrometry (DIA-MS) for bioanalysis of small molecules in biological, food, and environmental samples.
  • improving methods for the structural characterization and quantification of proteins and antibodies.
  • exploring the utility of high-resolution mass spectrometry in proteomics and metabolomics. 

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