The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland Valais, School of Social Work in Sierre, the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences  (Germany), and the Department of Social Work at the Malmö University (Sweden) offer three two-week modules in “International Social Work” between July 2023 and september 2024. The aim of this specialisation is to reflect upon and compare international theories and practices on selected topics in social work in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. It includes modules with students from other universities, innovative lectures in English, also by visiting professors of the participating universities, and institutional and/or agency visits.

International Social Work focusses on three aspects. Each of these themes is covered in a two-week module at one of the participating universities.

Module 1
Child Protection
3th to 14th of July 2023, Sierre (Switzerland)

Module 2
Social Policies in Europe
30th of January to 9th of February 2024, Malmö (Sweden)

Module 3
Religious and Cultural Diversities
2nd to 13th of September 2024, Osnabrück (Germany)

Active participation in all three modules is required. Additionally, students are asked to present a specific topic during each of the two-week modules and submit a written paper of 6-8 pages. The papers are evaluated by the professors of the home university. The oral presentations are evaluated by the participating professors of all three universities.