At the APPlied Interactive TECHnologies (AppITech) lab, we conduct applied research projects on novel interactive technologies such as eXtended reality. We work with companies and other research institutes (neurosciences, social work, pedagogy...) at national and international levels to help people achieving their goals by improving treatment and learning adherence, contextualization of information and productivity. We work mostly in the domains of health, tourism and professional training.  

  • In the health domain, we work with companies and hospitals to develop novel IT platforms for patients as well as for medical staff and perform clinical studies to test their efficacity.  
  • In the tourism domain, we work to make tourist experiences more interactive and more meaningful with gamification and contextualized information. 
  • In the professional training domain, we work with partners on the field to present information in a more appealing way to the targeted audience using eXtended reality and serious games

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your innovation ideas using novel interactive technologies, we can help you with the entire innovation process. We can help you getting funds to start testing ideas as well as to reach a new level with existing ideas.

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