Geographic information system lab

We are a team specialised in the use of Geographic Information Systems. We carry out applied research using these spatial analysis tools and execute mandates for both public authorities and private institutions.

Our core competences are, among others:

  • Putting the contributions of spatial analysis and cartographic representation at the service of economic activities and spatial planning.
  • Providing decision-making tools for spatial planning projects.
  • Defusing the potential for conflicts on sensitive land management issues such as the dezoning process.
  • Providing simulations and projections on the evolution of economic phenomena at the scale of a territory.
HES SO Collaborative
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Our Geographic Information System Laboratory "GIS Lab" works mainly in the following areas:

  • The geogovernance of territories. This approach is based on a precise spatial analysis in order to make relevant territorial information available to all the actors concerned. Our flagship product Dezon'Alp is a geogovernance tool designed to facilitate the process of dezoning plots in municipalities.
  • The study of complex systems in which space plays a major role. We have developed a socio-economic simulation model that makes it possible to simulate the evolution of the different economic sectors in a territory and to evaluate the chain reactions during a change in the system (in terms of population, jobs, GDP, etc.).


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