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Prof. Joseph Wang University of California San Diego (USA) @POCDX18
Monday 22 October 2018 19:12

More than 180 scientists, company representatives and medical professionals from Switzerland and abroad participated in the second edition of the Swiss Symposium in Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Chur on 18 October 2018.

Expert speakers from science, medicine and industry presented their projects and latest developments. Companies such as Roche and Siemens and 10 other industrial sponsors showcased their products and technologies. Presentations and scientific posters on highly relevant topics such as cutting-edge microfluidics and medical laboratory research illustrated the advancements made thanks to innovation and translational research.

Among the highlights of the day was the keynote speech of Dr Emmanuel Delamarche of IBM Research in Zurich on precision fluidics and security aspects. Prof. Dr Joseph Wang from the University of California, San Diego closed the symposium with a highly interesting speech on the latest developments in the field of wearable electrochemical sensors. Applied directly onto the skin or in the mouth, these sensors are used for non-invasive biomedical surveillance applications. “We want to provide more than just movement or vital parameters. Our aim is to make available biochemical data based on sweat or saliva samples.”

The 3rd Swiss Symposium in Point-of-Care Diagnostics will take place at the FHNW in Muttenz on 17 October 2019. The following year, this exceptional event will be held at the new campus of the School of Engineering in Sion. See you there!