ObeeOne develops intelligent technological systems for connected public health. We rely on new technologies - mobile applications, conversational robots, connected objects, as well as the huge resonance box of social networks - to conduct public health programs.


​Y-YBAR is producing medical devices for the research in ophthalmolgy. these devices -based on laser doppler flowmetry- measure relative choroidal blood flow. if you are conducting research in vascular system of the eye, for example in the case of glaucoma, if you need an objective criterion to measure the effect of your vascular treatment, if you want to know the effect of your drug on choroidal blood flow then our devices are for you.

​Zebra Medical

With an aging global population, and over 1 billion people joining the middle class and consuming healthcare services – the demand for medical imaging services has been steadily outpacing the supply of radiologists. We are on an unsustainable course, and everyone – patients, physicians, healthcare providers and society as a whole stands to suffer.

We believe that by teaching computers to read and diagnose medical images, we can provide a solution to this global problem. Our algorithms assist radiologists in detecting often overlooked indications, and our products help providers analyze millions of imaging records to understand the risk profile of their patients, detect and predict disease and assist in building and managing preventative care programs.

The company is led by experienced entrepreneurs, healthcare IT and medical imaging veterans, and works with some of the most forward thinking partners in the areas of patient care, big data and its uses in medical imaging.