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Development of a modular and intelligent information system capable of regulating an electrical sub-grid (microgrid) by forecasting its consumption and taking into account many energy parameters such as temperature, brightness, building consumption.


i-BATs wants to develop an information system for collecting and processing data to control the energy consumption of buildings, and to predict and regulate the energy behaviour of microgrids

This project will allow industrial services providers to offer new microgrid-related services such as the prediction of the energy consumption of a neighbourhood. The algorithms developed for this project will assist companies in developing automated replies to queries related to the energy consumption in households

The Institute of Information Systems is in charge of developing an information system capable of controlling the energy consumption of buildings and of predicting the energy behaviour of a microgrid in order to regulate it.

The Institute works closely with Sierre Energy on a real-life test with the microgrid located at the Techno-Pôle site.