EDHEA brings together under one roof a school of applied arts (ED), a member of the Swiss Design Schools) and a school of art teaching at university level (HEA), a situation unique in Switzerland.

EDHEA’s School of Art has been part of HES-SO’s Faculty of Design and Visual Arts for more than ten years. It proposes a Bachelor in Visual Arts and the MAPS - Master of Arts in Public Spheres. In an environment that encourages study and exchange, students can experiment with numerous disciplines ranging from drawing to digital technology. The art world today encompasses a host of disciplines, with each new form added to its predecessor without putting it in the shade.

Our School also offers a Foundation Course in art and design to prepare students for the competitive examination for admission to art and design schools. In addition, we give Federal Vet Diploma-holders the option to study a one-year course leading to a Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in visual arts and applied arts.

Taught at EDHEA since 1998, our graphic design course is one of our mainstays. Its widely recognised upper-secondary programme turns out accomplished designers, preparing them to enter the workplace quickly, or – armed with their Federal Vocational Baccalaureate – to gain a place at art school.

Today, EDHEA is a design school and a school of art on a friendly scale that is undergoing significant change. Thanks to its teaching staff and celebrated international visiting tutors, it offers students a chance to develop their creativity in areas as varied as graphic design, the visual arts, sound arts and performance arts. This range and this situation are seldom found elsewhere in Western Switzerland. We are delighted to be able to share them with you.

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