Become a manager, leader, entrepreneur

The Business Team Academy programme at HES-SO Valais-Wallis allows you to obtain a Bachelor’s in Business Administration through a distinctive pedagogical model that is based on the following:

  • Learning by doing: complete your own projects to develop skills
  • Learning as a team: learn from the experience of others
  • 21 key skills: develop hard skills (project management, economics and society, finance, etc.) as well as soft skills (self-leadership, learning to learn, taking initiative, etc.)
  • 360° evaluation: create a skills portfolio that highlights your personal learning journey

The training

Find out more about Team Academy training

Want to find out more about Business Team Academy – the only bachelor’s degree of its kind in Switzerland – and see what its 47 students have to say? There are two ways to find out more about Team Academy: information sessions, and our “Teampreneur for a Day” days. For more information about these options, contact us by email or by phone (+41 58 606 89 86).

Business Team Academy
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