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Prof. Dr. Michael Beyrer

Professeur·e HES
Bureau ENP 19.N305

Michael Beyrer received a Master of Engineering in “Food technology” from the Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany, in 1991 and a PhD from the Technical University Berlin, Germany, in 2007, with a thesis on food process engineering, physics and structure. His interests include combined development of sustainable processes and equipment for the food industry, on the basis of understanding of process related physical, microbial and chemical transformations of food properties. He teaches “Food process engineering”, “Food physics” and “Food technology” at bachelor and master level. He is the head of the research group “Food and Natural Products”.


Michael Beyrer’s research is currently focused on following topics:

  • Fibration and flavoring of meat replacers on the basis of plant proteins by high moisture extrusion cooking (HMEC) and freezing
  • Flavor release: Kinetic approach on transport phenomena in food processing
  • Thermo-mechanical micro-structuring of whey proteins
  • Vacuum-steam-vacuum processes and equipment for decontamination of food powder
  • Cold atmospheric plasma for decontamination of food
  • Disintegration of functional substances from food side products and integration of functional substances into food (polyphenols, vitamins)
  • Processes for fabrication and application of edible coatings
  • Mathematical computation in food engineering
  • Cold atmospheric plasma processing of food powders
  • Non-thermal processing share point


Beyrer Michael